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Summer Accessory Guide – Handbag Edition

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Post By:  Stuart Cameron

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a purse as “a small bag used especially by a woman to carry everyday personal items”.

Handbags are much more than a “small bag”.  A beautiful and functional bag gives immense confidence and style to any outfit.  The ‘right’ bag can be the center to the majority of outfits in your wardrobe.  Wear it with confidence and OWN it!

Now, when it comes to picking the right bag, you want to ensure the handbag has easy access. Many women feel some bags are too tricky to get into, almost like an unbreakable safe with dozens of zippers and straps.

While many feel their handbags have to be thousands of dollars to be considered fashionable, it’s simply a myth.

There are MILLIONS of handbags all under $500 that have the craftsmanship and style to turn heads in every direction.  However, when it comes to summer handbags, you’ll want to ensure your bag reflects the weather, after-all, who wants to see a huge black tote out in a 30-degree heat wave?

To help complete your summer essential handbag collection I’ve picked my favourite summer bags that are perfect for every occasion.

Check them all out below…

Coach Swagger 21 Carryall ($395)

Matt & Nat BAXTER - ROYAL ($140)

Matt & Nat BAXTER – ROYAL ($140)

Michael Kors Dunn Medium Suede Saddlebag ($348)

Michael Kors Dunn Medium Suede Saddlebag ($348)




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