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Superstar to Super Storyteller – Simeon Rice Shines A Light On Female Power

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He’s iconic and holds a Super Bowl Championship ring.

Positioned to be indoctrinated into the Football Hall Of Fame, Simeon Rice is on top of the world.

Someone of his stature and worldly accomplishments and fame could have retired to the easy life and enjoyed the spoils of the many tough encounters he’s faced on the field.

Not him.

Rice, is on a mission and retiring is not part of his agenda.

After a stint at film school, Rice discovered he had a few stories to tell and set about pulling together a team that would shed a light on an issue plaguing not just other countries, but this society as well.

Human trafficking and the dehumanization of women still remain an issue that presses heavily in the lives of many females worldwide.  As shocking as this may be in this day and age and as far removed from those of us living lives of comfort safety, it pervades the lives of countless others on this planet. 

Unsullied‘, Simeon’s film slated to be released in theatres September 4, 2015 by Sycamore Entertainment Group, sheds a powerful light on the snatching away of one’s freedom, safety and power.

Rice brought aboard relative newcomer, Murray Gray, to bring life to the movie’s character, Reagan Farrow. Gray plays an unsuspecting female who finds herself in the battle of her life.

Unsullied Lead, Murray Gray

Unsullied Lead, Murray Gray

The story of ‘Unsullied’ is a story of the ages. It’s a tale of overcoming and finding one’s tenacity to dig deep and pull out the best and strongest part of ourselves no matter what the situation.

Rice is now in the process of promoting the film while in town for Super Bowl weekend. His distribution partnership with Sycamore Entertainment gives him the opportunity to place the movie on screens across the country this Fall.

As I chatted in the video below with the highly charming Rice, I had to admit that I was won over by his passion for the art of filmmaking. He also brought me onside with his strong message of change, pulling one’s self up and into the life we are meant to lead.

As a young man, he struggled to find identifiable role models.  He feels it’s time to bring role models forward that are not based on ethnic brands but harbour on the heart, soul and strength of the character that anyone can look to for guidance.

His fervent hope is that young women will see Gray and her movie’s counterpart as a strong mentor, something needed at every stage of not just at a woman’s life outlining female power, but a light of encouragement for men as well.

The movie carries a few tough themes. Rice has dubbed Unsullied as an action thriller, but feels the themes running through the movie can be uncomfortable especially for those that have experienced any of these in their lives.    He does point out however that the movie is one of hope.

Simeon Rice is truly someone that loves what he is doing. He’s found the secret to his happiness and is pursuing what will continue to make the rest of his life the best of his life.  His movie, shares a similar theme.  No matter where you find yourself or whatever the circumstances might be, you have it within you to create something more powerful for you and those you encounter.

To Simeon and his wonderful cast,  many thanks from Downtown and Around! We look forward to your movie’s premiere!





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