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It’s The Surprise Hot Colour Of The Season

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Noticing and working within the realm of colour trending has not been my thing.  I simply got by with what I liked and looked good.  If I liked it, I bought it, wore it and ignored anything that wasn’t black.


Recently however, I thought what harm would there be to check out what was happening in the world of fashion colour especially since I made a pact with myself and family to ditch the forever black I seemed to consistently encase myself in, (oh but I do love me some basic black).


Anyway, l challenged myself to find colour that would rock on me and discovered colour trends that I actually love. One colour of choice in particular appears to dominate the season.




That’s right! And it’s not just any green.  The correct name is Green Flash.  Pantone, the authority on colour, has erected this colour, and its varying shades, for introduction this Spring and it appears it will head right into Fall and Winter. So get ready for a colouful ride folks. Watch as this tone appears everywhere, right down to the shoes we wear and the handbags we carry.  We might very well be off to see the Wizard at this rate!


Scroll down and enjoy a bit of colour inspiration…


gren skirt


green coat


green ensemble



green ensemble2


greeeen shoes



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