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Sweater Layering Love

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Ahhh sweaters ! Who can resist a beautiful, over-sized sweater when the cooler temperatures hit? I know I can’t.

As a matter of fact, I secretly look forward to Fall for the opportunity to slip back into my warm tops, jackets and coats. If it’s warm and cuddly , I’m wearing it.

While growing up, sweaters were functional items, something my mother insisted I donned before I left for school to protect me from the elements. My mother had a thing about keeping warm.

For decades, I viewed sweaters as something worn after work or on the weekends as extreme casual wear.  It never occurred to me to that I could  be stylish and gain greater versatility with my wardrobe.

When I moved across the country to the West Coast of Canada, I took sweater dressing to the next level! Instead of using a heavy winter coat, as was necessary for the temperatures back East, I quickly picked up on the concept of sweater layering.

Sarah Pacini epitomizes classy, chic sweater, layered looks. Her cool stylings, especially with the prolific use of grey and black have made her an icon in the sweater-fashion niche and one of my personal favourite designers.


The basics

Learning how to use shape, texture, colour blocking and size was my first order of business as I went about selecting the basics that would eventually make up the layers of my new style statement. Staying warm was of course my first consideration, and I was able to do so using body conscious knits with the use of warm scarves.

The next order of business was to get into leggings, tights and ponchos/shawls.   I discovered that I had a few of these items in my possession already. All I needed was an ‘eye’ to pull my layered look together that made sense for my body type.

I use shawls as a quick, chic wrap around that effectively keeps the cold air out quite nicely.

Shawls layer easily over a cardigan or blazer without the bulk over the arm. If I become too hot, voila, off it comes!

Another neat fashion trick I picked up was the use of a faux fur vest over my jacket for an added layer of warmth and a quick dash of style without adding bulk to my arms.


Faux fur for warmth and a dash of style


Fabulous boots, especially black ones are a fashionista must.  When wearing heavy sweaters, scarves, hats and wraparounds, sleek boots with either leggings or pants tucked in, create a balanced look throughout.

So go ahead and look through your closets and drawers. You may already have the beginnings of a great layered look or two. Simply by adding a few pieces you’ll be well on your way to turning heads with your new street style.


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Pull it together with your own basics


























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