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The Art of Finding Mojo

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Out of nothing a way can be made.”

My grandmother had an uncanny way of placating hurt feelings or soothing the angst of unwavering doubt whenever I hit yet another obstacle standing in my way to ‘the dream’. She had a staunch belief system about the power of spirit and sel,f probably brought about by years of surviving through many tough situations in her life such as war, depression, a bevy of children to raise and a lack of funds in which to do it.

Inspite of the odds, she thrived. She made her way to another country, setup a life for herself and one by one, her bevy immigrated to her new home. If she at any time faltered in her belief to accomplish what she set out to do, she never showed it. Watching this lady live her story encouraged me to live mine.

My grandmother had what I call ‘great mojo’.

Mojo – What Is It?

Each time I’m asked to give a definition for mojo, I smile. I imagine the impression the word elicits especially when coming from someone like myself.  Being from a West-Indian background, many might think I am talking about the act of  traditional country folk congregated around a fire shaking chicken bones at some unseen force conjuring up voo-doo type magic, (I smiled as I wrote that last sentence).

For awhile I held back from telling too many people about my desire to write about the topic for that very reason, the misinterpretation of what it is I want to share with the world. Mojo is a very simple thing. We all own it. We came here with it. In basic terms, it is our inherent power to create.  An in-born energy that allows us to fire up and express who we are authentically and uniquely.

Mojo On Demand

Like many of you reading this, I have attempted many times to circumvent my basic operating system that didn’t seem to be leading me anywhere. Tapes, books, seminars and a plethora of webinars were bought all in hopes to change my life’s experience. A few strides were made but not the transformation promised by the enormous amounts of information I’ve invested in over the years.

How can you connect, bring forth, work with, shine within and without, step out into the world powerfully and simply be who you were meant to be?  Ah! Guess what, the answer is in front of you. BUT, and this is big but, turning it on, or turning you on requires a bit more information. This is not to say it couldn’t be done immediately but from my experience a few things need to be in place before you can be ready to work with your power.

What To Expect

Are you ready? I only ask because being ready plays a big part in gaining the ability to use your ‘mojo power’. Being ready simply means that you will prevail when it stops being fun or easy, which is about a week from now if you begin today.

The Mojo Maker website will be launched December 15.  Its not setup to convince anyone of why they ‘should’ be, do or act a certain way. It’s a series of teachings brought to you by many that have gone before and have something very important to tell you about what it actually takes.  I learned from someone that got tired watching me struggle. Now I bring it to you.

Allow me to be clear. Life will always hand you a series of curves. This is not a space for  you if you want a challenge-free life. This is about learning to stand strong and tall. It’s about knowing how to change adversity and defeat into something worthy. It’s about becoming the best, abundant you!

If this is what you are looking for,  stay tuned, The Mojo Maker is about to be unleashed!


Pamela Sylvan – Mojo Maker





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