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Losing It? This Could Be The Reason….

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It happened and I thought, ‘hell no, not yet!’

As I sat in a swamp of sweat, my body blazing heat as if I were a human blow torch, I felt as if the best part of me had disappeared.  I turned 50 and the switch for the ‘change’ seemed to instantly flip.

No flippin fair.

Fairness was apparently not part of the equation.  Life was simply doing its thing with me.  I had to do my part and work it out the best I could.  I spoke to my mom, and since she did not experience what I was going through, I was left on  my own to do the best I could.

Night after night of sweating and sleeplessness took me to a place of near lunacy.  Not being able to remember what I was looking for or why was testing my resolve to be a nice person.

As I quietly asked around, I learned this was a normal occurrence for women of a certain age.  I investigated further to find bookstore shelves lined with information on the topic of menopause and its affect on a woman’s life.

Not wanting to purchase every book on the topic, I did the next best thing and posted my dilemma to my Facebook wall.

Whoever said social media is a waste of time obviously never experienced my crew of outspoken, lovable, active friends who never hesitate to engage when asked!  Loads of info flowed in which led me to my guest on today’s chat.

Donna Faye Randall, author of, Menopause or Lunacy – That Is The Question, shares her funny and poignant journey through the land of menopause.  In her book, she describes her unique experience around this emotional time of her life.  She shines a humorous light on situations that many see as embarrassing or personal with the hope that all of us in this stage will feel less alone and can perhaps reframe this time as something unique and beautiful.menapause book

After researching a few facts on the subject, I found I belonged to a very large club.  Approximately 37.5 million of us exist in North America, the average age is 51 and we will experience symptoms of menopause for 4 years. [1]  Oh joy!

So, here I and almost 38 million other  ladies find ourselves; sweating, lacking sleep, irritable, bloated and feeling as if we no longer matter.

But you know what ladies, we may be bloated and hot, but we are definitely not out of the game. As a matter of fact this is the time to kick it up a notch and make our mark on the world.  This is the time of the ‘Wise Woman’.  Our experiences, losses, wins and knowledge carries forth as we move into this ‘diamond’ time of life.  It’s not a time to sit down, but a time to revel in our aged beauty. Time to take comfort in the knowledge that we ‘got this’, that we ‘own this’.

Donna Randall, thank you for taking the time to share this special moment of life with us.  We all need to know it’s a very natural part of our journey and if we wish, it can be the best part of our life yet to come.  Listen in below as Donna shares a part of her journey with us.

Sources: [1] – Centers For Disease Control and Prevention



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