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Tights 2.0 – Do You Dare?

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They’re eye-catching, trendy, hip and practical.  Tights have definitely come into their own from the days since I wore them to school as a girl.   All you have to do is look around to see the degree to which leg coverings are impacting fashion and making bold statements around town.

Before we get started let’s clarify the term ‘tights’…

 footed leg coverings that are semi-opaque to opaque which can be worn in both professional and personal settings.

tights slashed

Asymmetrical styles add drama

Most females (usually living in cooler climes) have a pair of tights stashed somewhere in their lingerie or sock drawer.  We go looking for them as a last resort because the last pair of sheer nylons we thought were in good condition turned up laddered beyond repair.  So we suck it up and pull on a pair of opaques to simply get past the moment.  At least that’s been my experience.

History of Tights

  • Some of the most unique hose produced during the Renaissance were inspired by military victory. In 1477, for example, the Swiss gained a very important victory over the Duke of Burgundy. After battle, “the soldiers mended their ragged uniforms with strips of tents and banners.” Thus inspired, the Swiss-German people produced leggings and hose, along with other pieces of clothing, that were purposely slashed to reveal contrasting fabrics underneath. This style was copied throughout Europe into the 1500s.
  • Entering the 20th century, the fibers used to produce hosiery shifted from wool and mixed wool to cotton.
  • Nylon stockings appeared in New York stores on May 15, 1940. Amazingly, over 780,000 pairs were sold in the first day alone!
  • Due to their massive popularity, “nylons” became the generic name for all hosiery manufactured during the ’40s. Interestingly, when nylon production shifted to the WWII effort, women would paint seams on their legs to make it look like they were wearing nylon.

My recent fascination with tights came about as I started down the path of reengineering my life and style.  My mode of dress appeared conservative and downright boring. I was fascinated by the leg-ware I saw sporting around town and in fashion magazines.  My nature bucked against the thought of wearing such ‘loud’ patterns on my legs, but I was pulled to make the leap and I’m glad I did!

tights colour

Use bold patterns to brighten up your wardrobe

Choosing your ‘tights’ wardrobe is a very personal task. Colour, patterns, texture, bling, no-bling, fancy or plain makes it difficult to choose.  The choices are vast, yet fun and enticing.

The demand for dressier, funkier and statement-making tights has ushered in a higher tiered fashion accessory at higher price points ranging from approx. $20 – $45. These fashion leg-ware pieces tend to be well made and durable.


Hosiery Tip

Keep your toe and fingernails neat, put on wrist jewelry after your tights, and don’t pull the fabric too tightly.

Trend on the Rise

Advanced Style Blog

Advanced Style Blog

Watch for dazzling mature ladies dressing up their legs in bright colours and bold textures. Paired with fabulous shoes or boots, these women of fashion distinction are quickly becoming a common sight.

Drop by Mangos Boutique in Downtown Victoria, BC for their abundant selection of beautiful Italian hosiery by Trasparenze.

So, the next time you’re wondering how to add pizzazz to a waning or tired wardrobe, consider the possibility of adding a daring splash of colour and texture by slipping on a pair of fabulous tights.  Getting dressed will never be quite the same again. Go ahead…dare!


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