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Top 5 Date Night Spots In Victoria & Beyond

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If you’ve been on Vancouver Island for any length of time, you’ve certainly noticed there’s no lack of activities for those wanting  to meet up whether as a group or cozy two-some.

With so much choice, where do you begin and how do you choose?   I suppose it all depends on who you plan on meeting, and what you want once you meet up.

Hands down, this island’s beauty rocks so where can you go?  Since this is the ‘Top 5’ column, I’m only highlighting those 5 out of the many I’ve visited so far.  As mentioned earlier, the choices are too numerous, but we at D & A and the reading audience would love to hear your choice spots to take dates or meetup with friends for fun, dining or a romantic rendezvous.



1. Point No Point

This upscale, all-cabin resort dating back to the 1950’s is situated about 20km outside of the beautiful seaside town of Sooke.  It’s perched on a bluff along scenic Highway 14.  Point No Point boasts a fabulous restaurant with a Magnificent view (I used  a capital M, it’s that gorgeous).  This is truly date night stuff!  The meal, wines and sun sparkling water view is priceless.  Driving home, optional. 




2.  Vista 18 Westcoast Grill & Wine Bar

I’ve previously written about this spot and with good reason, the view is breathtaking, especially at night!  It’s a great getaway for twosomes or a group of friends to converse and dine.  You’ll especially enjoy the trio bands playing across various evenings of the week. Whatever your reason for arriving atop Chateau Victoria, you won’t be disappointed.  Again, a priceless view!






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3.  Vis a Vis

This is the epitome of date night ‘go to’ spots.  Vis a Vis or its apt English translation, Face-to-Face, truly inspires one to gaze deeply at that someone special across a candlelit table aux deux.  This spot offers a personalized experience, an important point when trying to quietly engage with that someone special. With front row seats, you can interact with their Bartender & Charcutier while sipping on a glass of wine, locally crafted beer or a signature cocktail.  Bon chance mes amis!




4.  Songhees Walkway

Ok, so perhaps the chic dining spots are not your thing, perhaps this next choice will be.  The Songhees Walkway is a favourite to anyone that lands on its path.  “Whether by daylight on the sun-dappled promenade, when the spectacle of small harbour ferries, yellow H2O water taxis, float planes, kayaks, the Victoria Clipper and the Coho ferry consistently captivates, or a misty evening when our tourist mecca’s twinkling lights are offset by the fragrant aroma of California lilacs, it’s an ever-changing sensory feast”, states Michael D. Reid of The Times Colonist and he’s absolutely right!  Strolling hand in hand down the Songhees at night is a date night delight!



5.  The Movie Theatre

It’s always been a favourite.  With the proliferation of in home theatre systems and 24 hour movie streaming channels, showing up in a good ole fashion theatre has lost its charm for many.  However, it still remains a top pick (in my books) as a date night delight.  Sitting back with an oversized tub of popcorn between you, while getting lost in the story up on the giant screen, priceless!



Whatever your date night choice, the main reason for meeting up remains the same, to create smiles and wonderful memories.  The venue is window dressing.  Choose a spot that adds to the occasion and have a great time.

Check out Tourism Victoria’s list of  50 Date Ideas .


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