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Top 5 Farmers Markets in Victoria BC & Surrounding Area

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Farmers markets, a coming together of local farmers, growers, and other food producers or vendors  such as artisans selling their products directly to the public, thrives as an alternative or in combination to mainstream shopping.


You don’t have to be a locavore to appreciate these markets.


Farmers markets not only offer the opportunity to consume farm-fresh foods,  they also provide the opportunity for producers and consumers to get to know each other on a personal level.


With the increasing shift towards income supplementation and entrepreneurship,  farmers markets are helping to create robust local economies and more vibrant communities as more than just food is sold at these lively and bustling markets.


If your up for an outing and morning of discovery, here are my top 5 farmer market picks (not in any particular order) …


1.  Esquimalt Farmers Market

esquilmalt market

Esquimalt Farmers Market – Worth Crossing the Bridge For



2.  Bastion Square Market



The Artisan market in the heart of downtown Victoria!


3.  Moss Street Market


A Victoria favorite for 25 years!

A Victoria favorite for 25 years! Photo by: Allan Eppler



4.  VictoriaPublicMarket



Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers can all be found at the Vic Pub Market!


5. James Bay Market





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