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Top 5 Spots To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Victoria

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Summer heat and all the fun we wrap into this time of year tend to activate the sweet tooth in many of us and our thoughts turn to ice cream and chocolate.  It’s a  sure sign of the season and why not, who can resist the imaginative ways our favourite treats are scooped up by the cone loads!

Ice cream, along with anything chocolate has become a bright, colourful and yes, flavourful art form, just ask the confection artisans of the parlours and treat boutiques highlighted in this week’s top 5.

Victoria has seen a rise in new shops that have opened up to delight all of our senses. They’ve stepped up the game delivering diverse ways to scoop up these sweet and beautiful treats to tourists and locals alike.  Check out the list and if you have yet to visit any of them, make a point of checking them out, soon. The weather demands it.




1.  Beacon Drive-In


Beacon Drive In is a traditional favourite and based on the consistent lines, they haven’t lost their place in the hearts of those near and far.  Its proximity to Beacon Hill Park and scenic Dallas Road ensures this spot will always be popular.  Offering tasty soft cone flavours of all kinds as well as burgers, fries and shakes ensures you’ll always have a bit of wait, but it’s worth it.


2.  Rogers Chocolates



The tourists flock to this famous chocolate lovers boutique and I can see why.  The confections are incredible, the variety, vast and the store itself is a beauty worth visiting.  The place is full of chocolates of every kind, need I say more.


3.  Cold Comfort

ice cream

Vegan ice cream with the funkiest flavours and names.  The combinations begs a further look.  Cold Comfort ice cream artists have made a name for themselves.  They’ve  managed to bring mindfulness to this particular sweet treat and added the ‘green effect’ to their offerings.  Did I say it tasted great?  It does.  Try it for yourself.



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4. Chocolats Flavoris


I can’t tell you how the ice cream tasted.  The line was so long I gave up,  but rest assured, I’ll be back!  Standing in Downtown Victoria’s newest ice cream parlour was a treat in itself.  Watching the delights served up was mesmerising and the decor, eye catching.  The crowd thought the entire experience was worth the wait and  as I stood there, I could see why.  I think I’ll ask for the a tour next time 😉


5.  Kid Sister

kid sister


Have you been to an ice cream boutique?  If not, you’re literally in for a treat!  Kid Sister has opened up their new location in Fan Tan Alley in Chinatown.  They make their delicious treats on the premise and OMG, they have designer popiscles!  I instantly fell in love and you will too.



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