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How To Turn Up Your Accessory Style

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By Linda Ferguson
One of the things that I have noticed about fashionable women, is that they take a lot of consideration into selecting the right Accessories.
Accessories for your garment is just like icing on a cake. Without an accessory for your garment, it is just plain vanilla.  Very often great style is always in the details. So take the time to invest in some fun accessories that will instantly update your wardrobe and give you that hit of glamour.

Large and bold neckpieces add drama to casual wear. Try it!


Multiple bangles add ‘jangle’ to your look.

Accessories change all the time so no matter what the occasion, there is never a reason not to include a great accessory with your outfit.
If you just love hats, then wear them with pride. Hats make a strong statement about the confident and powerful woman that you are.

Floppy hats are styling and protective.


Make a statement with form, texture and colour!

Gloves which I personally just love, always go beautifully with hats. These accessories both compliment one another like Yin and Yang.
But then again a great accessory can be a statement necklace, wicked earrings to bangles that wrap the arm. Brooches or Saree Pins can also add just that instant WOW factor into a very simple classic look.

Allow your brooch to perform double duties.

Decorative buttons on a garment to clip-on shoe bling, are fun and popular with women today. Big cocktails rings, watches that look like fine works of art to your favourite bag.

Cocktail rings that tell a story.

Ladies let’s explore new territory and break away from just wearing a scarf 🙂
Accessories for the most part are affordable, playful and fun. It brings out the young girl in all of us.
I hope that you found this helpful and if you would like some additional information on finding the right ACCESSORIES for your lifestyle, then just check out my Accessories board on Pinterest for some inspiration, or just contact me at Linda Ferguson Designs.
Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory
Coco Chanel 



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