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Turning Scars Into Gifts – Write the Story of Your Life

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I normally take the lead and create the story to match the video interview of all my guests.  In this instance I switched things up.
Jen Violi, the interviewee in  question, required no help from me.  Her own words painted a picture I could never create, so why would I try? 
Instead, I offer up Jen’s ‘About Page’ from her website.
 Jen made a profound impact on my life.  I knew something was up while sitting next to her and spotted her legs clad in stripped tights.  Her advant garde style screamed her love of play and whimsy which in no way diminished her intelligence and strength.  This was my girl.

The fascination did not stop there.  She took to the stage at a recent Frock-alicious event and proceeded to mesmerize the audience with her story. I fell into a deep reverie as she recounted her father’s death and her own struggle with pretension while in the world of theology, her advanced degree study.  Her words struck a chord.  A strong sense of familiarity resonated profoundly with me.  I became teary eyed and fought to hold on to my composure.
Needless to say, I was buying what she was selling.  She sold me her energy, soul and love.  Her innate sense of belonging and power gave me long withheld permission needed to bring my unique voice forward and for that I will always be grateful.
Jen is not only a writing coach and editor, she is also a published author.  Her book, ‘Putting Makeup On Dead People’, takes you through her transformational journey imbuing readers with the pain and subsequent growth promised if awareness is gracefully sought.
I invite you to visit Jen at  She has generously offered a special offer to purchase the Elixir of Venus Writing Program for only $99, regular price $129.  If you require a way in and through your project, take advantage of this special.  Expires July 24/15 – use code:  ‘iamready’
Listen in as Jen shares her passion and play, writing……




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