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Untraditional Art Galleries

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My favourite art galleries are those I see outside the box and are usually non-traditional.
Victoria boasts a plethora of galleries.  I drop in out of the blue and am never short of opening receptions to attend.  My favourites are visited weekly, while others I have yet to get to despite having lived in the Capital Regional District since  1974!
I have collected quite a variety of photos from my gallery visits.  I capture what I see, not necessarily the art displayed on the wall.  This photo adventure was created because I love capturing street art, sometimes referred to as urban art (can it be called urban art if located in a suburb?)

Graffiti, as some may call it, is an art form I daily see on my walks.  Often an artist is asked to create art on a building by the owner.  Just as often, permission has not been given and vandalism occurs.  To me, that is not kind.
There is even a niche market created by entrepreneurial souls who earn a living painting over graffiti, if asked to do so by a building or home owner.   I love outdoor art, even my laptop’s screen saver is of a wall of markings across from City Hall.  I believe I love street art because it is often BIG and lives out loud  in full colour.  I recently saw the documentary,   ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, the first film by renowned graffiti artist Banksy, which became the hottest ticket at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival where it made its world debut. Banksy is a graffiti artist with a global reputation, which provided an interesting perspective and was nominated ‘Best Documentary’  at the 2011 Academy Awards.
Outdoor art can last a day, and others can be seen for decades.  A few building owners have artists paint over their masterpieces regularly so new art can be born for eyes to feast upon.  Recently urban art was stolen from a downtown café, it was found and hangs again for us to admire!  Have you seen the alley off Yates which features art we all can enjoy on a walk by?
I see chalk artists creating on downtown sidewalks who earn money via their copied masterpieces.  Canada’s largest Chalk Festival is  Sept 12th-13th, 2015 held downtown Victoria!  I enjoy the art children leave via their marks with dollar store chunky chalk.  Some outdoor artists are simply taggers!  Some tag over other artists art…is that cool or not?
Fernwood’s community has created a unique art initiative, telephone pole art!  On some walks I see art commissioned along cement walls, or inside tunnels, what about along the sides of our infamous Breakwater, also known as The Unity Wall in James Bay?  Or the temporary portrait art installation on the actual  Breakwater walkway  earlier this year.  I was aghast that folks walked over the portraits, though  maybe that was the point, I just took of them!
Where is your favourite urban art located?  I know on my walk today I will discover new art that my iPhone will whisper for me to capture!  Enjoy the art that your heart sings to!
I include some of my current favourites, though they  change often as new art is always popping up or disappearing. Our city is one great big pop-up art gallery!
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