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A Walkable Feast

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Post by: Joanie McCorry

Victoria has such choice of destination walks that combine beauty and health!  My legs simply lead the way to beauty yet to be discovered.

Last Sunday, my destination was the chip trail that surrounds the Cedar Hill Golf Course, in the District of Saanich which is 3.74 km from the Inner Harbour.  

golf course

Cedar Hill Golf Course

I chose this walk because it combined a 3.5 km walk around a beautiful public golf course and an art show which opened at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre that afternoon.  The Rec Centre was the start and finish of my walk.  I was happy to view the art show at the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria Art Gallery, housed in the Rec Centre.  The gallery has a new art show opening every couple weeks!

I belong to the Oak Bay Community Artists Society and we have a show there once a year, a great venue for a group of a artists that aren’t represented by any specific gallery!  I recommend art groups to inquire about holding a show at either of the two spaces at the Centre.  

After enjoying the art of some the many artists that call Victoria their home, I headed out on a walk, that of course had many stops to save the memories on my iPhone that my eyes were experiencing.

The walk is invigorating for me, lots of hills and dales, through garry oak drifts, running along the perimeter of the golf course.  I stopped to watch a few  foursomes clad only in shorts and tees!  It takes me back to my golfing days and fun of just playing with friends, not to win but for the camaraderie that continues after work hours and culminates with a beer.

I liked that the  passing walkers greeted me with a cheery hi, smiled and sometimes shared what was upcoming on the path (one gentleman walking his beagle told me of the owls nesting at the top of the hill).

There is a wonderful combination of singlets, couples, families, baby buggy pushing parents and dog walkers taking in air!  The path was a byway for folks out enjoying the day, no one hurrying, even the runners and joggers seemed to just be breathing in the beauty of the nature enveloped in this green oasis in the midst of Victoria!


Much-loved bench

Plenty of benches are sprinkled along the trail, to pause and reflect, hydrate, nosh or catch your breath.  Some of the benches are characters covered in moss and I imagine all the heritage and hikers the benches have witnessed throughout the years.

I took photos of the spring blossoms, oaks, golfers, ducks and green everything. The walk is for all ages and levels of fitness!  I will return!

See you on my next jaunt in the sunshine of our paradise!




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