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Handbag Style. Did You Get It Right?

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Post by: Linda Ferguson

Your bag is just like your clothing, as that it needs to function very well and coordinate with your wardrobe. If fact did you know that your handbag can actually flatter your body shape almost as much as the right pair of jeans?

If you are trying to play down a body type then you need to choose a shape that is the opposite of your body silhouette.  

So for examples, if you are very tall and thin, you can add a slouchy, rounded hobo bag to add some curves to your figure.  If you are short and voluptuous, then you will want to play off opposites by selecting a handbag that is tall and rectangular or very long and sleek.

In general, the rounder your figure is, the more structured your bag should be.  Most women look great with a bag that hits mid-torso because it flatters their waistline.

With the great selection of bags our there, you need to determine what are the items that you need organized in your bag.  Then when you reach into your bag everything has it’s place, and it’ not the ‘BLACK Hole’:)

Here are some popular shapes that should help you in your search for the right bag.

Tote:  An open-top bag with straps or handles.

Hobo:  A crescent-shaped shoulder bag which is very slouchy.

hobo bag

Duffle:  Tall shoulder bag with a wide opening on top.

Field Bag:  A flap-top shoulder bag with utility type closures.

Clutch:  A small handheld bag with a geometric shape.

Satchel:  A large handheld bag.

Baguette:  Long and rounded shoulder bag.

Messenger:  A large soft shoulder bag with long straps worn across the body.

Cigar Box:  A small boxy hard bag.

cigarbox bag

Pouch:  A soft small bag.

Kelly Bag:  A classic Hermes style bag named after ‘Grace Kelly’; a large structured handbag with distinctive hardware closures.    

kelly bag

Whatever type of bag you choose remember to look for a bag that has feet on the bottom and never place your bag on the floor.

Right now bags are on the forefront with a lot of texture and graphic content on them.

So go out and get yourself a new bag and remember, that one of the best ways to choose a handbag is to simply pick it up, open them up, look through them and hold them as you would with your current handbag.  Make sure that it is comfortable and that there is a pocket or compartment for those things that your carry most often.

I hope your learned something new about bags and please let me know at what your favourite handbag is?



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