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You Can Do It In 3 Minutes

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Masters at their craft. Fingers deftly moving as they confidently create beautiful works of edible art. Sushi chefs are my heroes. After my first foray into the world of this Japanese delicacy more than 20 years ago, my love for sushi has only grown.

After years of watching these chefs create their magic, imagine my surprise when one day I was invited to attempt creating my own sushi dish. Let’s just say, once in my mouth, it tasted just like sushi.

For those of you wishing to try your hand at it, this video outlines the fine details of simple sushi creation.

The next time you’re in Downtown Victoria, drop by Ebizo Sushi, 604 Broughton St., great sushi lunch, if you can get in 😉


Author: Pamela Sylvan





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