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You Know When It’s Right

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Café e, Empire Square

Café e, Empire Square

In my downtown, we are experiencing lack of access to great food choices via a neighbourhood grocer. We’ve been trying for years but still no go.

What I do have access to down here are incredible little foodie spots that serve up scrumptious delights! I’m truly grateful on days like today for such places. Writing and marking school projects have left me short on time to prepare home cooked meals. This entire week I’ve had a craving for a good hearty sandwich. When in the mood for such a meal, my thoughts immediately turn to Café e. For those of you that have been there, you know what I’m taking about.

They have it going on when it comes to sandwiches and salads. They will even serve half portions of each. My favourite is the classic Reuben on marble rye bread served with a strawberry spinach salad. Heaven.

I can never finish the full serving in one sitting, but that’s part of the treat…something to look forward to later!

The appeal of neighbourhood dining spots that are trendy and kitchy are catching on like wildfire. In larger urban centres, entire neighbourhoods are dedicated to niche menus that cater to the taste buds of many. My downtown is slowly catching on to this fact. A few more eateries dedicated to uniquely prepared signature dishes is just what we need to spice things up a bit down here.

In the meantime, I will continue to suss out my favourite foodie finds in my downtown and around.

 Check out their website here!



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